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Installation instructions For The New Turbochargers


1. First of all ,you have to drain off the original dirty engine oil and fill in clean diesel oil to the engine oil line .

2. Switch on your vehicle by rotating the key 8-10 times(Do not step on the gas, just rotate the key to make the engine to work only).Then drain off the dirty diesel oil.(This procedure is for cleaning your engine)

3. Repeat the step 2 twice. Now your engine is completely cleaned .Replace the oil filter of your main oil pipe .Then fill in clean engine oil until the oil begins to drip.(The engine oil should be the Fresh CD Class 15W-40 Pressure Boost Engine Oil. And the current position of the engine oil should be about 5 mm above the engine oil line )

4. Now we start to install the turbocharger .Tighten all bolts which is on the turbine housing ,compressor housing and the bearing housing .Then connect the corresponding pipes to the correct position of the turbocharger except the compressor housing side.(When you connect the pipe to the turbocharger ,it is NOT allowed to use any kind of glue on the Gaskets for sealing up. The glue will decrease the flux of the oil and finally cause the turbocharger broken.)

5. Now! Hold the end of the compressor wheel with your own hand to stop the shaft from rotating .And ask the driver to start the engine ,let the engine idle for 20 seconds to circulate the engine oil.(Do not step on the gas)

6. After 20 seconds ,release the compressor wheel and connect the last pipe that is corresponding to the compressor housing.Let the engine idle for about 15 minutes. OK! We did it !

7. The last thing is ,it’d be better if you can refresh the engine oil on time(about 10k KM).


Check whether the turbocharger qualified.


A) you should look at the nameplate on turbocharger, whether with the diesel, customer number match,

B) the turbocharger rotor rotating is flexible, radial clearance and axial clearance is stipulated in the range. Specific standard is as follows:

1) axial clearance should be 0.096-0.131mm;

2) radial clearance can use simple and effective measurement methods; upcoming compressor impellers(aluminum shell that end impeller)to pressure shell side, measuring the minimum to radial clearance should be0.15mm.

C) If meet above conditions, then the turbocharger is qualified products.

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